This resource was created as a tool to help communities assess whether a project should enter data into HMIS. It is intended to provide clarity around the requirements for Victim Service Providers inputting personally identifying information into HMIS.
a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) by October 2004. HMIS is a secure web-based centralized database where non-profit organizations across our community enter, manage, share, and report information about the clients that they serve. It is similar to an electronic health record system in a hospital. The
to Clarity, the new HMIS system, for all Colorado Continuums of Care (CoCs). • To facilitate effective governance and oversight of the new platform, a joint HMIS Governance Collaborative was formed early in 2018. This group meets monthly to determine policies and procedures for HMIS as well as support the procurement process for Clarity. The HMIS
The HMIS Tool enables projects to directly check the points they will receive on the HMIS-sourced metrics of the Evaluation. Providers should use this report as a self-monitoring tool throughout the year – not just during the Evaluation period - and it is recommended that it be reviewed on a quarterly basis at minimum.
Clarity Human Services Help Center Bitfocus offers a comprehensive online Help Center to guide end users through the Clarity Human Services system. Note that this online Help Center is equipped with a search function, making it easy to find answers. End User Help Center
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HMIS SUS Responses Timestamp,Continuum of Care Code & Name,Select the HMIS Software platform you use:,Which best describes your primary use of HMIS?,How long have you been using your current HMIS software platform?,How frequently do you use the HMIS software?,Your age range,1. I think that I wou...
See the Sending Client Information to the HMIS Help Desk knowledge base article for more information. Your ticket has been created and you have been emailed instructions to activate your account with which you can track your ticket status